to convert all our customers manufacturing ideas into reality: and enhance their manufacturing process & systems efficiency.


to bring Value propositions, Innovative solutions and Niche processes to support semiconductor manufacturing needs and related industries around the world.

Approaches & Competitive Edges

High Quality & Fast Delivery

We build our capabilities and specialized in areas where we have proven expertise, seamlessly integrating our experience in manufacturing processes and technology know-how within a tight quality control and delivery management. All the efforts we make to ensure that our customers received defect-free products on time. We ISO9001 certified.

Cost Competitiveness

We truly own each process & product development capability and continue to improve and develop them over the longer-term. We firmly believe in the power of specialization and that great solutions come from bold ideas and well-tested ecosystem. We manage our cost structure within a tight management framework.

Excellent Service

Building customers trust requires Commitment, consistency in Quality, Cost & Services. So when you entrust your manufacturing needs to Edelteq, we will provide highly specialized attention and deliver our best commitment and quality to you. Any inquiry about quotation or cooperation, our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Global Customers

We serve global customers in various electronic industry sectors for more than 16 years and we have produced a numbers of diverse products (PCB, Automation & Consumables), from R&D support for samples and subsequently to mass production.