Stencil / Screen Cleaner (Plecos-S)

Plecos-S is a solvent-free cleaner specifically formulated to clean solder pastes, fluxes and other organic printing compounds from Stencils, Underside wiping, Misprinted PCBs and Squeegees. Plecos-S cleaner reduces the water surface tension and chemically emulsifies/removes solder pastes and other printing compounds from the surface of stencils/screen without causing any damage to the material surface.

Plecos-S is a safe (ROHS) water-soluble cleaner substantly improves cleaning efficiency. low VOCs, non-corrosive and eliminates the noxious odors associates with solvent cleaning.

Dicing Water Surfactant (Plecos-C)

Wafer fabrication technology advances enabling significantly reduced die size and increases die count per wafer. This resulted prolong wafer dicing time and leads to some dicing process challenges. Particle adhesion on wafer and bond pads is a frequently encountered issue wetting charcteristics. Plecos-C reduces the DI wafer surface tension, reduces the water repellency and prevent the working surface from drying out.

Plecos-C water soluble surfactant (ROHS) substantially lowers the adhesion of particles by impairing their settling speed and prevents direct contact between debris and the surface.