Whistleblowing Statement

At Edelteq, we are committed to promoting and maintaining high standards of corporate governance, business integrity, and accountability in the way we conduct our businesses and operations. For the purpose of these values of transparency, integrity, impartiality, and accountability in the conduct of our businesses and affairs, the Company has developed procedures and mechanisms to facilitate reports by whistleblowers of any suspected or actual Wrongdoings on a discrete and confidential basis.

Any of the following persons can make a report to the Company of any suspected or actual Wrongdoing committed: –

  • the Group’s employees
  • stakeholders (i.e., shareholders/suppliers/customers)
  • members of the public

Any other parties are encouraged to report genuine concerns about unprofessional or fraudulent behavior, questionable acts, malpractices, or failure to comply with regulatory requirements in a responsible and appropriate manner when reporting such illegal or unethical behavior.

A disclosure of wrongdoing, misconduct, or violation of Edelteq policies and procedures shall be made through the whistleblowing channel at whistleblowing@edelteq.com