Edelteq is committed to ensure high standards of corporate governance, business integrity and accountability in conduct of its business and operations.

Whistleblowing Policy

  1. If anyone is aware of or suspects misconduct, he/she must report it to the appropriate level of management.

  2. If he/she is still concerned, after having spoken with management, or feels uncomfortable speaking with them, he/she must (anonymously, if preferred, if permitted by local legislation) contact the Top Management of the Company or sending an e-mail to whistleblowing@edelteq.com.

  3. Anyone submitting an alert through the whistleblowing channel will be protected from any harassment, persecution, or discriminatory behavior. Moreover, every call, written communication and/or e-mail will be dealt with confidentially unless it is absolutely necessary to share such information in order to address the matter appropriately.

  4. Failure to report known or suspected wrongdoing, in connection with the Company’s business, of which an associate or agent of the Company has knowledge, may, in itself, subject that individual or entity to disciplinary action, including prosecution under the antibribery laws of the applicable jurisdiction.

Reporting Policy

  1. Providing regular information flows in order it is fundamental to ensure that management and the control functions are fully aware of how to manage compliance risks.

  2. Reporting guarantees the availability of information regarding major risks’ management and monitoring at all Company levels, enabling the assessment of the effectiveness and continued suitability of the adopted risk management system.

  3. All personnel have a duty to report promptly any concerns they may have concerned the Anti-Corruption Compliance Program, as well as they must report any misconduct of which they become aware to the appropriate level of management.